Great event facilities close to Birmingham and a dedicated staff lead to memorable events at Timberline Golf Club.

     We're a fairly close-knit group here at Timberline Golf Club. We enjoy a certain camaraderie when it comes to our events and activities. Many of these events and activities are centered on the golf course, but also include memorable feasts taking place in our finely appointed dining room and bar and grill.

     Along with the events that we schedule for members, members and non-members alike are welcome to schedule their event here at Timberline.

    We take pride in opening our practically-new clubhouse facilities to anyone who wants to ensure that their event is a special event.

    Do you have a club that meets regularly, or on an annual basis, that needs a new "home?" Do you have a family reunion? College reunion? Bachelor party? Welcome to Timberline!

    We offer the perfect, tranquil setting – not too far from Birmingham. You're literally minutes from the big city but it feels like a million miles away! Timberline is the absolute perfect setting for any event of 110 attendees or fewer.

     If you would like to reserve Timberline for your function, please call Liesl Ali, our Food and Beverage Manager, at (205) 668-1308, or click here.

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