Hank_Johnson_School_of_Golf.jpgWhile golf teaching is taking place around the world, National Golf Foundation statistics indicate that the average golf handicap in the United States has remained unchanged for the past twenty years. Apparently, golf learning is not taking place in the United States, even with the significant recent developments in the area of technological support for teaching golf.

Teacher development and training have also been dramatically improved and teachers appear to be getting better.  Millions of dollars have been invested in video and computer teaching systems and other high-tech support devices.  High-quality golf instruction appears to be more available than ever before.  One may reasonably conclude from this that teachers are getting better at teaching and golf students are not getting better at learning.  

The Hank Johnson School of Golf in Birmingham is founded on the research-based fundamental principles of effective motor skill learning and performance.  This will assure that each and every student is given the optimum opportunity to permanently improve his or her performance in the shortest possible time.  Our instructors are trained in the latest and most effective coaching techniques for the acquisition of motor skills and the use of those skills in a competitive setting.  We measure our success based on the competitive performance of our students.  Our records indicate that we have the ability to help golfers get better, faster than any other golf instructional organization in the world. 


To deliver a wide spectrum of highly effective golf performance improvement programs for golfers of all skill levels; to make these programs conveniently available and competitively priced; and to provide an optimum opportunity for apprentice golf instructors to improve their skills, experience, and credentials.

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